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A Coaching Discovery Call is a pivotal starting point on your journey towards personal growth and development. This initial conversation gives us an opportunity to connect and explore the potential of a coaching relationship. During this call, you can expect an open and confidential discussion aimed at understanding your goals, challenges, and aspirations. It's a safe space to express your needs and share your vision for the future. I will actively listen, ask probing questions, and offer insights to clarify your objectives. Together, we'll map out a potential roadmap for achieving your desired outcomes. Also this call gives us a chance to see we will be a good fit to embark on a transformative journey towards your personal or professional aspirations.

Use my Calendly calendar to pick a date and Schedule your free discovery call. No registration need!


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How can you schedule your free discovery call?

Use my Calendly calendar to pick a date and Schedule your free discovery call. No registration need!

How a session looks like?

On the 1th session Letís get to know each other, Introduction.
Mapping which area we have to work on to get your progress.
You can tell what areas in your life you would like to improve.
Discussing your problem and finding the cause of it.
We will start to make your personal plan to achieve your goals and dreams.

Where the sessions will be placed?

Sessions are mostly via Online (Google Meet) or occasionally in person (London, Budapest)

How can you prepare for your session?

Make yourself prepare for your session: Collect your thoughts,
which area you would like to work on, which questions you would like to discuss.
Technically: Google Meet to be ready, make sure the microphone, camera is... good to go.
Bring something which you can make a note on it (piece of paper, pen, tablet)

How many sessions do I need?

It all depends on you, and your situation complexity.
Sometimes it is enough only 1-2 sessions.
Most of the time people can achieve their goals and dreams after 4-5 sessions.
If the situation is very complex it could take 8-10 sessions.

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